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January 2006 Newsletter

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Michaela's Wild Challenge


Back in August I had the pleasure of working as a safety diver for an episode of Michaela's Wild Challenge, a British TV show produced by Two Hand Productions.

Michaela's wild Challenge is an adventure show featuring Michaela Strachan and her companions traveling the planet in search of some of the world's roughest and toughest wildlife challenges
I was fortunate enough to help the challenge of Jamie Crawford swimming in the open ocean with feeding sharks!
Check out some clips of the show…of course the highlights that show me…he he he.
Lets just say that day was fun!!

Video part 1* (4.5meg)
Video part 2* (4.5meg)
Copy write "Two Hand Productions" All right
s reserved

Series made for UK Broadcaster Five



Creature Feature


This month we are featuring Pufferfish for the VERY SPECIAL REASON OF…

They are the favorite fish of my 3yr old nephew Nate Wheeler, who loves watching "A Beautiful Journey Beneath the Sea" I am told he knows almost all the fish by name! Just think, he'll be the only kid in his NYC preschool that can tell you that "Bloat" (from Finding Nemo) is actually a "Porcupinefish".

Pufferfish can be found in all shapes and sizes here in Hawaii, from the smaller Tobys to the largest of the Porcupinefish. Feeding primarily on a combination of shellfish and crabs, Pufferfish can be seen either day and night swimming in the open or hiding in the rocks and coral.

They inflate by swallowing water and expanding their bellies to become more difficult prey or as you can see in the video, wedge themselves under rocks . They will also swallow air if brought to the surface but that can be fatal for them if unable to "deflate".
Caution: They have very strong jaws and can inflict a nasty bite if given the chance and definitely don't eat them because they can be deadly to humans.

Watch the video to see some of Hawaii's Pufferfish. Puffed and unpuffed!!

Click here Watch Video (3.5meg)






Dive Site of the month

Turtle Canyon


Dive Site: Turtle Canyon (south side)
Depth: 20 - 40 ft (10+m)
Location: Oahu's south side. 15 minutes out of Kewalo Basin boat harbor.
Level: Beginner to Advanced (great Open Water training site)
Sea Life: Turtles, Turtles, Turtles and more Turtles! Octopus, Rays, Eels, Reef fish, …and sometimes Whitetip sharks. Spinner Dolphin often accompanies the dive boats to and from the site.

Turtle Canyon is a series of finger reefs that extend off the shore in front of Waikiki beach. For whatever reason it has become a regular one stop feeding-sleeping-cleaning station for many green sea turtles. On any dive you will see turtles hovering over the rocks, sometimes 4 or 5 at a time, getting cleaned by a variety if cleaner fish.
If not being cleaned then they can be found eating or sleeping in, under and around the rocky coral reef. The strange part is, the turtles always sleep in the same places. Not always the same turtle but always the same places.
I guess good food, lodging and maid service is enough explanation for me.
This movie clip is dedicated to Jade Kettner & Abby Gilbert, who expressed a great passion for swimming with our beloved "Honu".

Click here Watch Video (3meg)



Editors Side Note

Holiday Fun

During this busy holiday season, I have had some great dives with both new and repeat customers. So Jamie has put together a tribute to the fun we had with 2 videos to watch. "Friends Above" & "Friends below".
One shows some of the surface antics and the other takes us under the sea for some of those memorable interactions with our "other" friends below.
Clips include "speed racer" atop the NoriZ (Garrett and Zakk, that's for you) and various wedding groups or honeymooners. Or in some cases those who chose to elope, but I won't name names…DJ.
Not to mention our dolphin friends who like to have fun too.

Friends Above (3.5meg)

Friends Below (2.5meg)




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