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January 2007

Feature Story

High Definition!


As some of you know, I recently upgraded to a High Definition underwater video system. I am now shooting with the new Sony HC3 HDV Camcorder along with a new Ocean Images Inc housing and I couldn't be happier.
The color and detail is spectacular so we have made a sample for all to see. Keep in mind; these are still compressed movies for web application. The full DV quality footage is amazing. I am so thrilled to now offer HD video service. Look forward to diving with you again soon!

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Creature Feature

Hawksbill Sea Turtle

Anyone who visits these islands is inundated with images and information about Hawaii's endangered Green Sea turtle, but little is seen or discussed about the Hawksbill Sea turtle.

Although found throughout the world, these turtles are on the endangered species list and in Hawaii are scarcely seen. Typically smaller, the hawksbill can be distinguished from its "Green" cousin in several aspects.

Obviously the pointed "hawk" beak is a dead giveaway, but also the flatter shell extends further over the rear fins and has jagged almost saw tooth edges along the back edge of the shell.

The other differences I have noticed is the Hawksbill will swim with its front flippers alternately or "asymmetrically" where as the Green Sea turtle moves it's front flippers at the same time. The Hawksbill seems to have poor buoyancy control when feeding on the reef. These are two ways to tell them apart from a distance.

For more information of the Hawksbill Sea turtle click the link below…

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Dive Site of the month

Kahe Pt


Location: Kahe Beach Park, West Shore
Access: Beach
Facilities: On-site parking, shower, restrooms. Food within driving distance

Depth: 5-30 feet
Bottom Time: Up to an hour (subject to planned depth)
Level: All Levels


Kahe Point (Electric Beach) is a great dive site. Easy beach entry (for the most part), shallow depths, lots of reef fish and marine life. Both north and south of the beachhead entry you can find natural reef with life all around. Eagle rays feeding in the sand, whitetip sharks under ledges and more!

The hot water outlet pipes at the end of the rock reef are a highlight and attract tons of fish You can sometimes watch fish and turtles go for a ride in the water flow but do beware…that outlet water flow is strong and can pull you in, up and out before you know what hit you. For advanced and experienced divers this is FUN! The video shows me going for a ride! Check it out, but please dive within your limits.

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Just for fun

Past dives


Hey divers now is the time to order your dive video, if you already haven't done so. I've shot some awesome footage over the last year that is just waiting to be made into your dive DVD. To order your custom DVD please complete the secure order form at

Are you already enjoying your SDVW dive video? I would love to hear back from you. All comments are appreciated and will be used to further improve our services. Beside it would be great to hear "Howzit!" Use our feedback form at

This time we made 2 movies (HDV and DV) highlighting divers from some of my recent dives. Check them out and maybe you will see yourself.

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Play HD movie.


Just a reminder! We have accumulated a vast array of footage from all of the dives that I have filmed. If you or someone you know ever needs high quality stock footage of Hawaiian marine life and more, you know whom to call.




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