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Monk Seal




For those of you who have known me for some time are fully aware of my desire to get my "Monk Seal Footage"


The Hawaiian Monk Seal is a VERY endangered species rumored to have less than 1000 in existance.


Click on picture or the link above to see a bit of what we experienced.


For those lucky enough be on this dive, the video is spectacular and available for purchase. Contact me at


If you are interested in any video from a previous dive, please feel free to contact us.





Nesting Albatross

Every year on Oahu, the Laysan Albatross nest in a refuge on Kaena Pt. If you are patient enough, they will come up to you.

The fledglings grow exceptionaly fast and are almost the size of the adults yet still are flightless and remain covered in baby plumage.

This is one of only a few places in the world where this can be witnessed without the need of a boat.








Dive Site of the month



The Airplane is located on Oahu's west side, accessable by boat only. This twin engine Beachcraft lays inverted in about 80 ft of water. Although small in area, this dive site is loaded with an abundance of fish and a nearby cavern is often a sleep spot for White Tip Reef Sharks.


Footage from this site is featured in recent commercial created for Captain Bruce's Extreme Comfort Diving




Editors side note.

(written by co-owner/editor Jamie Wheeler)


Being a transplant from the big city of Los Angeles to the country life of Kahuku, Hawaii has been unusual to say the least.

Along with editing underwater video, I also find myself caring for "Peeps", a baby chicken who was a victim of its own domestic violence. "Peeps" is the runt out of 17, and was being mauled by its mom.


Click on link or picture to see how this has added humor to our lives....especially when it comes to our cats and learning to fly.






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