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May 2006 Newsletter

Feature Story

Urban BodyBoarding


This spring was unusually wet for the Islands. With flooding streams, washed out roads and muddy water, it was hard to find anything to enjoy about that much rain.
Well leave it to the kids of Kahuku find a way to surf whatever new wave they can find.
In this case they just used gravity and good old leg power.

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Creature Feature


Although most of us have had painful experiences with Sea Urchins, they do make up a beautiful aspect of the coral reef life. With over 75 species here in the Hawaiian Islands, they are abundant at all recreational diving depths.
Feeding on algae and other organisms found on rocks and coral, they are a valuable link in the ecosystem providing protection for small crabs & shrimp.
This movie shows a few of the urchins we encounter on most dives.

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Dive Site of the month

DC-10 Fuselages


Location: South Side near YO-257 (Boats from Kewalo Basin & Sand Island)
Depth: 90-100 ft
Level: Advanced or above
Sea Life: Jacks (Alua), Reef Fish, White tip & Galapagos Sharks, Large Moray Eels, Eagle Rays & Sting Rays and lets not forget the tourists aboard the Atlantis Submarine fleet.

This dive site is not often visited due to the regular strong currents in the area. If you are lucky enough to dive the YO-257 on a slack current day, you can head off the stern and follow the cinder blocks (used to guide the Atlantis Submarine) to the wrecks.

On a 100ft vis day you should see the wrecks within a minute or two of swimming. Time has degraded the 2 DC-10 airplane fuselages down to just one section of cabin over the wings. Swimming through the "tubes" and looking out the windows is kind of fun.
Be aware of the submarines, for they do not expect divers out that far. Also keep an eye on the current because it can change quickly and you don't want to get stuck down current.

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Editors Side Note

Jamies Garden

All that rain has a pretty outcome
Despite the TORRENTIAL downpours that we endured, the Feb, March & April showers have indeed brought May flowers.
Jamies has put a ton of sweat into her garden, it would be a shame not to share the result.

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