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Wedding Bubbles


June is right around the corner and also happens to be a great month to get married in. I wanted to share a little clip from a wonderful wedding that I shot in March.

It was the underwater wedding of Roger and Lisa, avid divers from Oahu, who have the hobby of diving with "vintage" dive gear. The type of equipment featured in the classic TV show "Sea Hunt" with Lloyd Bridges. Since their shared passion is scuba diving (along with each other) it was the perfect way to say, "I do".

So all you divers who are looking to tie the knot in an unusual but beautiful and spiritual way, look into a Hawaiian underwater wedding.

If you are interested in this or know anyone who might be, feel free to contact us for more information.

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Creature Feature

Starfish of Hawaii

Heavenly bodies beneath the sea…starfish here come in all types of shapes, sizes and colors. Their general names in Hawaiian are pe'a, pe'ape and hoku-kai. The specific names, if any existed, have been lost over time.

There are around 20 know shallow water species with 68 more from deep water, 53 of those are only indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands.

Starfish are predators and scavengers, feeding everything from urchins, sponges, small fish to coral. The most destructive for our coral reefs is the Crown-of-Thorns. It can "eat" a small coral head in 6-8 hours leaving behind the dead white skeleton of the coral.

For more information on the Crown-of-Thorns and the effect it has on the reefs around the world, go to

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Dive Site of the month

Sharks Cove


Dive Site: Sharks Cove
Depth: 10 - 60 feet (30ft average)
Location: North Shore (Pupukea State Park)

Season: Summer months only
Visibility: 30 - 100ft
Level: Beginner - Advanced

Located on Oahu's famous North Shore, within Pupu'kea State Park/Marine Preserve, Shark's Cove is considered one of the top 10 shore dive spot in the world.

Sharks Cove is not a haven for sharks, the name comes from the fact that it looks like a shark took a bite out of the land.


These protected waters make for up close encounters with endangered Green Sea Turtles along with an abundance of other reef life.


The cove is even a beautiful area to snorkel, easy access and convenient facilities make this a great spot for all to enjoy, however only in the summer months. During the winter, the cove is pounded by the North Shore's famous big surf.


Lava tubes and amazing swim-through caverns (See the movie clip) make for a spectacular dive. Shark's Cove is one of my most favorite dive sites on Oahu. I rate it a 10+. I also recommend that first timers go with an experienced guide. Some of the best features of the site are almost impossible to find on your own.

For more information on guided tours of Shark's Cove, contact Surf N Sea's dive shop


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Discover Underwater Video


I recently began conducting "Discover Underwater Video" adventure dives, and those that have participated have experienced great satisfaction. Most divers are amazed at how you view the surroundings differently when shooting video. They have also expressed how distracting the camera can be and therefore were glad to be with an instructor.
With 2 underwater systems, there is the potential for creating a great finished video. This movie clip shows the combination of cameras in finished form.
The combined video also is an excellent training tool when reviewed following the dive.

For more info contact us

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