Newsletter Extra 02-05

February brings ......

Valentine's and Moments of Love



Jake pops the question (2.20MB)

What a great way to propose! Jake
Thomason asks
his long time sweetheart Kelly Segerstrom to marry him while diving the Sea Tiger @ 100ft. He covertly arranged the whole thing with myself and Island Divers Hawaii and Kelly had NO IDEA!!!!
Fortunately for him, she checked the "yes" box.


The Ring (1.29MB)

Placing the ring on her finger was not as easy as one would think. Not with a moderate current and N2 narcosis setting in.


Jake & Kelly!!!!!

Learn more about









Wintertime also brings the whales back to Hawaii. As most of you know, I am STILL on a quest for my first in-water whale footage. So far no dice, but we have had some good sightings


Baby breaching..(short CD version 2.11MB)

While aboard Captain Scott's "Happa II' we were blessed with a visit from a Mom and baby Humpback whale. The baby was learning how to breach so he/she put on a good show for us.


Baby Breaching (long web version 1.48MB) I think there were 8 or 9 breaches in a row. This clip shows the best of them








For those of you out there that may not be "into" the Valentine mood, these clips might be more suitable. The North Shore of Oahu offers 2 Shark Tour services. Both are very professional and tons of FUN!


What you might see from the cage (1.31MB)

On any given day you may have 10 - 20 sharks around you.


What you might see from the boat (2.62MB)

Just don't get your hands too close









Dive Site of the Month



The Sea Cave (900KB) is one of Oahu's best dive sites.

Inside the cave the roof has collapsed allowing for some SPECTACULAR sights during any dive inside.


Located a short ride around the point, outside of Koko Marina, the sea cave is often not accessible due to surf conditions. When its good, it's REALLY GOOD!










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