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Diving Lanai


During a gap in family activities, a few of us took a short boat ride over to Lanai for some excellent diving and snorkeling. We dove with Extended Horizons (, booked through Pacific Dive (, and I must say the service was fantastic….very professional. I have wanted to dive Lanai for some time, so dropping in on "No Name Paradise" followed by "Cathedral #2" was met with great anticipation.

As usual in Hawaii, the visibility was spectacular (100+). The coral is alive and vibrant and definitely healthier than some of the reefs here on Oahu. Lack of urban development on Lanai plays a large role in that (for a quick history lesson about Lanai, very interesting, go to The lava tubes and formations were majestic as well, almost as good as Shark's Cove. (still ono in my book…means the best). One highlight was a growth of Black Coral that grows on the roof of the Cathedral #2. Our DM (dive master) told us that it happens to be a rare type that has a white "albino" appearance to it. Very Photogenic!!! I recommend the Cathedral dive sites to anyone, but do take Dramamine if you don't do well on boats. The ride back across the channel even made me, a veteran sailor, queasy!

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Creature Feature

Strange & Scary lookin

In honor of this spooky holiday we have put together clips of some of the more unusual and "frightful" creatures in the sea.

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Dive Site of the month

Lahaina's Mala Wharf


Depth: 0-35 ft (12m)
Location: Lahaina Harbor, Maui
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Sea Life: Turtles, Eels, Reef fish, Frogfish, Whitetip Sharks

Since I love shore dives as much as boat dives, I wanted to see what Maui had to offer from the "beach". Conditions allowed for a dive at Mala Wharf in Lahaina and again I was quite pleased. Mala Wharf is a concrete pier that partially collapsed during hurricane Iniki in 1992. A short swim out to the end of the pier that is still standing begins the collapsed section that continues out several hundred feet.

Easy shore entry, 35ft max depth and abundant sea life makes this a great beginner dive site. However beginners should stay on the outside of the rubble. The twisted piles of concrete pillars and wharf sections create great visuals but also tricky and potentially hazardous swim-thru's that should only be explored by an experienced diver. Reef fish, Sea Turtles and White tip Sharks can often be seen here.
Special Mahalo to Artie and Piper from for the fabulous dive!!!!

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Editors Side Note

Here today Gone to Maui

Just a few notes on our vacation through my eyes…while in Maui, we stayed at the Napili Beach Surf Resort (, located on beautiful Napili Bay. Between the family activities such as "picture day", a fun night of entertainment at Warren & Annabelle's Magic show ( and the big 85th birthday dinner, Drew took the family out snorkeling and showed them some of the cool stuff that he usually finds on his scuba dives
Later, I even got my face wet, got out from behind the editing "bay" and went diving with Drew in Napili Bay. The coolest was, after seeing 100's of hours of others w/ Octopi; I finally got to play with one for the first time. Amazing creature!!!!!!
The beach at Napili is wonderful, each day we were entertained by "Jupiter" the dog, on his evening swim across the bay with his owners. Jupiter turns out to be the best snorkeling assistant you could ask for.
It is a pleasure to stay at Napili Surf, quiet, clean, lovely grounds and secluded accommodations where the staff is helpful and friendly (special Mahalo to Scott and Diane). And majestically, almost everyday Maui is capped off with breathtaking sunsets!!!
Thanks to all for a great vacation……Especially Mr. & Mrs. Fred Stalder (Happy 85th Fred!!!) We love you!
Mahalo & Aloha,
Jamie…..the editor

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Stock Footage & Video dives from before

Just a reminder! We have accumulated a vast array of footage from all of the dives that I have filmed. If you or someone you know ever needs high quality footage of Hawaiian marine life, you know whom to call. This also means that if you have been on a dive with me and I was filming, there is a good chance there is a video available from that dive. If you already purchased a video, I would love to hear back from you. All comments are appreciated and will used to further improve our product.
Here is a quick movie of some recent footage from some of those dives. Maybe you will see yourself. Mahalo!

Clips taken from dives at:

Sharks cove 6-29-05, Kahe Pt 10-2-05,

Eva fish farm 8-6-05, Sea Tiger 10-19-05,

YO-257 10-20-05

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